Warehouse Lighting/Parking Lot & Garage Lighting

    Warehouse Lighting Parking Lot & Garage LightingLighting a warehouse, parking lot, or garage is a hugely important task. It helps keep your commercial property accessible, safe, and secure. But finding an electrician who can handle the work can be difficult.

    Fortunately, the professional electricians at Bryant Electric, Inc. have worked on all sorts of commercial and industrial lighting setups, and we can make sure that your lighting is perfect for your purposes. Your lighting will be energy efficient and give you lasting performance whether indoors or out. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what you need from your new lighting setup, and we’ll make sure that you get everything you need from our services.


    Warehouse Lighting Installations

    Depending on your specific needs for commercial or industrial lighting, our electricians will help you decide what type of light fixtures would be best for your warehouse before we install them. We may recommend you use you use fluorescent lighting or LED lighting, and we may recommend some lighting control management technologies for lower traffic areas to decrease your energy consumption.

    Some of the Warehouse Lighting Installations We Provide Include:

    • High Bay Light Fixtures
    • Industrial Low Bay Lighting
    • Industrial Strip Lights
    • Vapor Tight Lighting & Light Fixtures
    • Retrofit Lighting Kits
    • Industrial Ceiling Fans


    Parking Lot and Garage Lighting

    Our lighting services can provide your San Angelo, TX area parking lot or garage with exceptional illumination. We can retrofit LED fixtures so that they are more efficient and can lower your operating costs, and our LED lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of designs, including:

    • Shoebox Designs
    • Cobra Head Lights
    • Floodlights
    • Teardrops
    • Decorative Pole Tops

    Our lighting fixtures can provide you with:

    • Rugged construction, durable finishes, and intrusion protection rating for the lighting fixtures that are specifically designed for use in parking lots.
    • A variety of IES distribution types so that our lighting fixtures can work well with any parking lot configuration.
    • High-performance optics, along with lower energy use, to help you save money on electricity consumption.
    • A wide range of lumen outputs and wattages for the lighting fixtures that we provide so that your lighting will always meet outdoor lighting codes.

    Our parking garage lighting services also work to provide you with safety, security, environmental compliance, and a reduction in energy usage.


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