Telecommunications Wiring/Switchboard Installation

    Telecommunications Wiring Switchboard InstallationsWhen you need telecommunications wiring or a switchboard installation for your San Angelo, TX area commercial or industrial property, you need an electrician you trust to get the job done.

    At Bryant Electric, Inc., we have extensive experience working with all sorts of industrial and commercial clients, and all of our electricians are licensed and professionally trained. So if you’re having telecommunications wiring problems, need the wiring installed, or need a switchboard installation, you can rely on our professionals to handle the job.


    Telecommunications Wiring Services

    Telecommunications wiring systems for San Angelo, TX commercial buildings are complex, and working with them or installing requires experience and expertise. There are strict telecommunications wiring and cabling standards that must be adhered to, and it’s extremely important that these systems are completely functional and efficient. After all, communication is key to running any kind of business.

    Our professionals have extensive knowledge of the codes and standards that your telecommunications wiring system needs to meet, and we’ll make sure that the system is fully functional. Whether you’re working with transmission lines (for electric signals), waveguides (for electromagnetic waves), or optical fibers (for the transmission of light signals), our electricians have the experience to handle the job.

    Telecommunications wiring is usually used in places like:

    • AC/DC distribution circuits
    • Wireways
    • Racks
    • Telecommunications Central Offices
    • Transmissions Stations
    • Cell-Tower Sites
    • Other Remote Sites

    Usually, these environments are dry, so the wiring is safe. However, the cables may sometimes be in areas where they may encounter moisture, like partially covered porches, crawl spaces, or in some warehouses. If we need to set up any telecommunications wiring in an area where the cables may encounter moisture, we guarantee that we’ll do so in a way that is safe for your cables, and we’ll never install any cables in a place where the moisture levels will be too high for proper functionality.


    Switchboard Installation

    When you need a switchboard installed, you need to make sure that the job is done properly. Your switchboard is responsible for redirecting electricity and allowing the division of the current supplied into smaller currents for further distribution. We’ll make sure that our installation is done perfectly so that your switchboard is as safe, reliable, and functional as possible at all times.


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    If you are looking for Telecommunications Wiring or Switchboard Installations then please call 325-658-8485 or complete our online request form.

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