Retrofitting & Electrical Additions

Retrofitting & AdditionsWhen it comes to your San Angelo, TX business, the bottom line affects everything. Lighting retrofits can significantly lower your monthly utility costs, and they can make your commercial property a little more environmentally friendly. Plus, when your building is well-lit, you’ll have higher productivity and create a safer work environment.

Retrofitting services involve replacing any lamps and ballasts with more energy efficient lighting fixtures and other components. In some case, brand new fixtures are the most cost-effective solution. With these new components, you’ll have much more control over your lighting, which can be more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Include

  • Save Money on Energy Costs
  • Improve Your Lighting Quality
  • Reduce Energy Consumption


Reducing Energy Consumption with Your Lighting Upgrades

To reduce the amount of energy that you consume in your San Angelo, TX commercial property, you may want to consider retrofitting or adding new lighting. With new lights, you’ll be able to cut the input wattage, or you may adjust the hours that your lights work with timers or motion sensors. Bryant Electric, Inc. has experienced electrical contractors who are prepared not only to educate our commercial clients on the benefits of retrofitting, but we can also install the upgrades safely and efficiently.


Electrical Additions

Along with retrofitting upgrades, our professionals can also install new electrical additions. We can help you create a custom-designed energy efficient lighting system. Every commercial building is completely unique, and every company runs differently. Our goal is to give our clients the best possible service and workmanship, and that often means inspecting the building completely and determining what sort of additions would help you improve productivity and energy consumption, then working with you on a new design.


Relamping Services

According to the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy), more than 40% of energy consumption in the commercial sector is attributable to lighting. Along with that, lighting makes up around 20% of all of the electricity used in the United Stated, including residential and industrial spaces.

One of the best ways to reduce this number is to replace antiquated lighting systems. Energy efficient substitutes, like LEDs (light emitting diodes), are much more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. LEDs, in fact, use 2 to 10 watts of electricity, while incandescent lamps use 60.

Not only will you be reducing your San Angelo, TX commercial property’s energy consumption, but there are a couple of other benefits as well. Utility companies often offer incentives, and new legislation may require some buildings to use more energy efficient lighting.

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