12 Rules of Thumb for Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is of the utmost importance for all San Angelo homeowners. You can never play it too safe. Although electricity is an indispensible utility for modern living, it’s also dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Incorrect safety practices can lead to a serious fire hazard, as well as a risk of potentially deadly electrical shock. Especially in your bathroom, one of the most moist and humid rooms in the house, you should always take extra precautions to ensure your safety when using any electrical appliance. You should always be aware of several common household electrical hazards, which can easily endanger your safety if you’re too careless. Here are some tips for electrical safety around your home.

  • Be wary of any frayed or worn-out electrical cords. Damaged cords can present a serious electrical shock risk, or can cause a fire by emitting sparks. Never try to simply repair them with electrical tape.
  • Make sure all electrical cords are firmly plugged into outlets. If part of the metal plug is exposed, it could start a fire if it comes into contact with something flammable or is exposed to water.
  • Never overload your electrical sockets with too many appliances. This can increase the risk of an accidental electrical fire. If necessary, you can use a surge protector to plug things in.
  • Never use an electrical appliance if it’s sparking, overheating, or has a blown fuse. Call your local electrician to find out about any necessary repairs, or if possible, just replace it.
  • Keep appliances away from water. Water and electricity are a volatile combination, and can easily start a catastrophic fire in your home.
  • Never use extension cords in wet areas. Again, be extremely cautious around water.
  • Keep small appliances like hair dryers and toasters unplugged and turned off when not in use. You can never be too safe when it comes to electrical safety.
  • Be sure to keep heat-generating appliances at a distance from other objects. Even a small radio alarm clock can generate heat. Toys, draping clothes or fabric, and other objects should be kept away from electrical appliances.
  • Always use light bulbs of the correct wattage in your lamps and lighting fixtures. A bulb that’s too powerful can start an electrical fire.
  • Keep clothing and other flammable materials away from space heaters and radiators.
  • Never, ever use water to try to put out an electrical fire. This will only make things much worse. Use a fire extinguisher; if you don’t have one, buy one. You should always have at least one fire extinguisher in your home.
  • Never attempt amateur electrical repairs. Because of the fire and shock risks inherent with electricity, it’s not something any novice should try to handle on their own. Always hire a certified, licensed, experienced electrician to perform your household electrical repairs.

This last tip is very important. You may think you can handle doing it yourself, but unless you have a thorough knowledge of how to do electrical repairs, you’re endangering yourself by attempting it on your own. Always play it safe and call an electrician instead. By following these simple household electrical safety tips, you can keep yourself, your family, and your property safe.

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