Three Phase Circuits

    3 Phase CircuitsThree phase circuit systems are more efficient and economical than single-phase or two-phase systems at the same line to ground voltage because they use less conductor material to transmit electrical power. This type of circuit system is the most commonly used for powering large motors and taking care of other heavy loads.

    The professional electricians at Bryant Electric, Inc. can work on maintaining or installing any 3 Phase electrical circuit system for your San Angelo, TX commercial or industrial property. This system will be highly effective and efficient, and with our work, you’re guaranteed that it will always be reliable. We understand that your electrical system is one of the most important parts of your property, so we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that it’s always functioning as well and as safely as possible.


    Why 3 Phases?

    So why would you need a 3 phase circuit system? Why not 2 or 4 phases?

    In a three phase system, the magnitude and the direction of the flow of electricity in each phase comes at a slightly different time as the other phases. So the current that is flowing in the common neutral will be the sum of the neutral currents from the three phases. The current produced in a three phase system is small than in systems with other numbers of phases.

    There are large economic advantages that come along with this ability to use a relatively small capacity common neutral current.

    Single phase power is typically used for the majority of electrical equipment, like residential lighting. But most commercial buildings are wired for three phase power. So using a three phase circuit system in your San Angelo, TX commercial or industrial building is extremely important.


    Benefits of Three Phase Circuit Systems

    • The phase currents tent to cancel each other out, summing to zero in the case of a linear balanced load. This is what allows the neutral conductor to be a smaller size: it doesn’t have to carry much of a current.
    • Generator and motor vibrations are reduced because power transfer is constant.
    • Three phase circuit systems can produce a rotating magnetic field with a specified direction and constant magnitude, and that allows for a simplified design of electric motors.


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