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Security lighting is an important aspect of planning the lighting needs for your property. Security lights are often used in commercial and industrial settings both on exteriors and interiors.

Wherever it is used, it adds an element of safety to the spaces being lit with extra light. Security lighting can be placed just about anywhere, and is an optimal choice in ensuring that everyone around can see well. It also can assist with security patrols and camera monitoring for security purposes.

Security lighting comes in different forms, but generally it will refer to lighting that strong enough to flood a large area and is placed up high enough to cover those large areas.

Since most criminal incidents occur at night time, the proper placement of security lighting can mean the difference between a break in or other issues that risk the safety of occupants or visitors to the property.

It can also help to determine the difference in quick responses if emergency vehicles need to find your location. Imagine trying to get an ambulance only to see them driving by your home or business because they couldn’t see well enough to find your address. It could literally mean a matter of life or death.

When your property is well lit with security lighting, that means you are providing another safety feature, and the safer your property is the less liability you will encur by avoiding potential problems.

Flood lighting and Downlighting is useful in security lighting fixtures because they give the most luminance. Security lighting can be placed on poles, on corners of buildings, or just about anywhere you need them.

In warehouses or other industrial settings, security lighting is utilized indoors as well. Good, high powered lighting will ensure employee safety and the ability for employees to function more efficiently.

Security lights can come in low lighting systems as well for areas that don’t need heavy illumination. For areas such as this, there’s no reason to waste energy costs on flooding it with high powered lighting.

LED lights aren’t generally thought of as security lighting, but there are options available today in LED lighting that is higher powered and suitable for security needs. Thanks to breakthroughs in LED technology, these lights function with lower voltages but still produce sufficiently strong lighting.

Solar powered lighting is another option that can be added to your security lighting plan and obviously will save you money on your utility bill. When combined with other options, this lower powered lighting source can illuminate areas like walkways or stairs to ensure safe maneuvering in dark areas.

As you see, security lighting doesn’t mean one style or type of lighting, but can mean a well planned area that is creating a more visible space. Seeing better in dark areas of your property, whether indoors or outdoors means fewer accidents, better monitoring, and more safety measures for everyone.


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