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It can be surprising how different your landscape can look with some good landscape lighting placement. Good lighting can make your curb appeal go over the top and can create a safety factor your home may be missing out on.

Lighting plays an important role in keeping your property visible for patrolling police officers. It can also assist emergency vehicles such as ambulances find your home if you have an emergency. Most accidents or incidents occur at night time, and even a matter of a few minutes spent driving past your home and then around again to find it could mean a difference between life and death.

Properly lighting your home’s exterior also means that your landscape really looks great at night. A combination of lighting styles will set moods, create gathering spaces, make walkways safe, and can add plenty of fun for your outdoor night time activities.

Our homes are supposed to be fun, comfortable, and functional. And when one of those elements is removed, we’re often left with a home that barely fits our needs. The exterior portion of your home is a huge part of how you live your lifestyle.

Making the outdoor areas function for night time activities only adds to the life you can enjoy. Why not take that dark exterior and create areas you can utilize in the cool night time air?

You can have swimming pool lighting, walkway lighting, spot lighting for enhancing an art piece or fountain and foliage, LED party lighting or low lighting, glowing lights, hanging lanterns, or just about anything you can imagine can be done with your exterior lights.

Whether you already have a beautiful landscaped yard or not, your first step would be in getting ideas to enhance the beauty of your exterior.

Downlighting is useful in lighting fixtures because they give a more soothing ambiance to your surroundings.

Lamp post lighting can give an old town traditional look or sleek new modern design. Lamp posts are great because they are a useful lighting source as well as a beautiful addition to any landscape. They can come in low voltage designs that need little electricity and can be placed in a line to continue the wiring route.

You’ll not want to forget about having an area for the kids in your family. Even if you have no children, your visitors probably will and having an area where they can go outside to play in the evenings is great.

In fact, there’s no better time to catch fireflies or play hide and seek, so keeping those things in mind when you choose lighting will keep your landscape very functional all around.

Solar-powered lights are a great addition for your landscape lighting needs. They are generally low voltage lighting solutions that add to the design of your home’s exterior and also serve to make some areas safer.

Solar powered lighting is great for placing along decks or stairs, along walkways or garden paths, or around your flower bed edges. No matter where you place them, you’ll be saving on energy costs with solar powered lighting.


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